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Past Entertainment strives to do the impossible; look in two directions at once. This conundrum defines or interests and motivates our labors. First, we look back through popular culture for overlooked gems, hidden novelties and overlooked genius. Second, we look past the current state of entertainment, seeking new forms of presentation, interactions and conversations with our visitors, and inspiration to find tomorrow’s entertainment formats.

We believe that the vast store of high-quality classic entertainment can provide new ideas and become more meaningful in our fast-paced society, if they are presented in ways that modern consumers value. We seek out classic TV, audio, literary and visual art that has current meaning and entertainment value and package them for our mobile society.

We also seek out modern artists inspired by the digital revolutions our culture is experiencing. We try to merge their digital ideas into an aesthetic that reflects the expectations of current online cultures. If you feel you have an idea or a project that you would like to submit to Past Entertainment, please reach out to our editor at

This means we look for opportunities to engage and converse with our audiences. We try to provide every opportunity for you, our visitors, to provide us with feedback.  Please feel free to reach out to our Publisher and Editor at any time at to express your ideas about his site and how it can best serve your needs.

We also value privacy and believe that the use of data to invade privacy and target market has gotten out of control. We collect no individual personal data. We do not sell ads or allow direct advertising on our site. Therefore, we never use our data to target individuals for marketing. We do use Google Analytics to understand how you use our site and try to improve our offerings to you. These statistics are always anonymized and provide no individual personal information. 

Some of our game plug-ins also use tracking to understand the use of their plug-ins and to help improve them. We try to ensure that these vendors do not use any forms of individual tracking. For instance, H5P, who provides some of our game plug-ins, posts a strong privacy policy for it’s data collection.  

We strive to provide a safe and entertaining site that is designed for its visitors’ enjoyment. We hope you will come back often as we find and present new entertainment offerings.

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Ella Fitzgerald, Andy Williams and Dinah Shore singing together or the Dinah shore Show, December 11, 1960.

Dinah, Andy, and Ella Sing the Blues

Three great voices joined for an opening medley of blues and swing on the Dinah Shore Show on December 11, 1960. It turned into a live master performance from three very different world-class singers as they joined voices.

Tommy Dorsey Playing Trombone

Tommy Dorsey Plays His Theme

Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra played Tommy’s theme song, “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You.” This is perhaps the only visual recording of him playing that complete song.