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    Sitcom Search

    Classic TV sitcoms can be seen endlessly on reruns. Hunt down the titles of famous TV sitcoms in this free Word Search puzzle from Past Entertainment.

    Various Superheroes on a comic cover

    Comic Book Greats

    The comic book heroes born in the Golden Age of Comics endure today. Can you locate their names in this free Word Search Puzzle from Past Entertainment?

    Great Video from Past Entertainment

    Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley on stage together.

    Frank and Elvis Sing

    Frank Sinatra sings, “Love Me Tender” and Elvis Presley sings, “Witchcraft,” in a duet! From the 1960 Classic TV Frank Sinatra special on ABC, The show featured Elvis’s first TV appearance after being released from the Army.

    A clash of the Titans! What more can you say!

    Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Bing Crsoby performing and joking onstage

    Crosby and Sinatra on the Road to Morroco!

    From the 1957 Classic TV special, “The Edsel Show,” Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra try to sing the theme song from the 1942 Crosby and Hope motion picture, “The Road to Morocco.” Sinatra and Crosby are interrupted by the show’s special guest, Bob Hope, who joins the two.

    Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong

    Crosby and Armstrong “Has Jazz”

    Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong describe what it takes to make real jazz music. They perform the Cole Porter song, “Now You Has Jazz,” on “The Edsel Show” on October 13, 1957.

    Tap Dancing Legend, Bill Bailey, performs

    Bill Bailey Moonwalks

    The dancer who taught Michael Jackson to moonwalk in a rare film appearance! Tap dance pioneer Bill Bailey performs on the Harlem Variety Review in the early 1950’s and demonstrates the move he called, The Backslide,” later renamed “The Moonwalk,” by Michael Jackson.