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    Classic TV sitcoms can be seen endlessly on reruns. Hunt down the titles of famous TV sitcoms in this free Word Search puzzle from Past Entertainment.

    Various Superheroes on a comic cover

    Comic Book Greats

    The comic book heroes born in the Golden Age of Comics endure today. Can you locate their names in this free Word Search Puzzle from Past Entertainment?

    Great Video from Past Entertainment

    Ella Fitzgerald, Andy Williams and Dinah Shore singing together or the Dinah shore Show, December 11, 1960.

    Dinah, Andy, and Ella Sing the Blues

    Three great voices joined for an opening medley of blues and swing on the Dinah Shore Show on December 11, 1960. It turned into a live master performance from three very different world-class singers as they joined voices.

    Tommy Dorsey Playing Trombone

    Tommy Dorsey Plays His Theme

    Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra played Tommy’s theme song, “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You.” This is perhaps the only visual recording of him playing that complete song.

    Bessie Griffin and the Gospel Pearls

    Bessie Griffin Sings the Gospel

    On December 9, 1962 the Dinah Shore Show, on December 9, 1962, made a small choice to include among its celebration of American Music, a performance by a gifted American singer in a genre that would challenge America’s taste and tolerance.

    Sammy Davis Jr. at the piano with Matt Dennis

    Sammy Davis, Jr. Does Gershwin

    This classic TV clip from The Big Party, initially broadcast on October 8, 1959 pairs two Gershwin tunes performed by Sammy Davis Jr., It Ain’t Necessarily So and Fascinating Rhythm. Davis’ skills as a celebrity and entertainer are clear in both numbers.