A list of puzzle words to find is below the word search grid. Puzzle words can be found running in all directions, forward, backward, up, down and diagonally. When you find a word, click or tap to highlight the first letter. Then, click or tap the last letter of the word. The word will be highlighted and will be checked off the list below. When you complete all the words, you’ll receive congratulations.

Pulp Fictions

The pulp magazines of the 1930’s-50’s were the source of many enduring characters, many of whom have become pop-culture icons. Tarzan, The Shadow, The Phantom and many others were regular features produced for quick consumption. How many of these pulp magazine regulars can you find in our word search puzzle.

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TV Sitcom Word Search
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Sitcom Search

Classic TV sitcoms can be seen endlessly on reruns. Hunt down the titles of famous TV sitcoms in this free Word Search puzzle from Past Entertainment.

Various Superheroes on a comic cover
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Comic Book Greats

The comic book heroes born in the Golden Age of Comics endure today. Can you locate their names in this free Word Search Puzzle from Past Entertainment?

Bogart/Bacall Word Search
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Cinema Couples

The stars of the classic movies were known for their off-screen romances. Find these silver screen stars in this word search puzzle from Past Entertainment.